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Heart-Centered Giving
Leo Daily Horoscope
You may notice a desire to extend your sense of generosity to your family and friends today, which may be the result of a need to protect and watch over them to guarantee their well-being. While caring for your loved ones, you might want to make certain your motives for helping them are pure. You could ensure that your intentions come from a place of sincerity by meditating on your heart center today. Take a few moments and focus on the area in the center of your chest. You can imagine a green light burning in this area, growing larger and brighter with each breath. Try picturing this light enveloping you and your loved ones, holding them in this place of compassion. You might find that by doing this meditation it can be easier to give without wanting anything in return.

Connecting to our heart center through meditation allows us to give with a pure intention. Sometimes our need to protect and give to others arises from the desire to fill our own feelings of lack. Helping others can be a way to ignore what we most need to take care of in our own lives. But centering ourselves helps us become rooted with our genuine intent. We are only able to truly support others once we have opened our own hearts, since true compassion and generosity for other people comes first from loving and caring for ourselves. Opening your heart today will let you give to others with a sincere and unconditional wish for their true happiness.


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