Lemon @ Grass – MK I EDM remix by Dan Thomas

This page is now dedicated to my first #album – released on Spotify, Apple Music, TIDAL and all the rest. Personally, I am growing increasingly attached to YouTube and it’s music-only offering. But… I create all my music using products created by 🍏, and have been an avid #iphone fan since #1….

NRJ – Hit Music Only – if you would like to feature an artist on the way up, get in touch. (Tiny tip: the producer/remixer of this track has 5 Billboard nr. 1 hits. Or is it six? https://soundcloud.com/tunafish/dan-boots-mancient-mk-i-dan-thomas-edm-mix/s-KbZoK)

Awesome remix done by Dan Thomas, remixer and producer extraordinaire. Thanks to M🕊, #Lemongrass #Clarion__Collection_Folketeateret, #Oslo